International Airports


International Airports

International Airports Rating

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
CAK Akron Airport Akron-Canton Regional Airport 4.7 16
ATW Appleton Airport Outagamie County Airport 4.6 12
BRN Berne Airport Belp 4.5 48
OMA Omaha Airport Eppley Airfield 4.5 21
BOI Boise Airport Boise Municipal Arpt Gowen Field 4.5 14
YNG Youngstown Airport Youngstown Municipal Airport 4.5 13
PSP Palm Springs Airport Palm Springs Municipal 4.5 13
LGB Long Beach Airport Long Beach Municipal Airport 4.5 13
OUL Oulu Airport Oulu 4.5 12
PVD Providence Airport Tf Green State Airport 4.5 11
SIN Singapore Airport Changi International Airport 4.4 992
USM Koh Samui Airport Koh Samui 4.4 182
FMO Munster Airport Muenster 4.4 35
SAV Savannah Airport Savannah/Hilton Head 4.4 22
SBZ Sibiu Airport Sibiu 4.4 16
LEX Lexington Airport Blue Grass Field 4.4 16
AVL Asheville Airport Asheville Regional Airport 4.4 16
TRC Torreon Airport Torreon 4.4 11
MQL Mildura Airport Mildura 4.4 11
ZRH Zurich Airport Zurich 4.3 3411
SNN Shannon Airport Shannon 4.3 123
YVR Vancouver Airport Vancouver International 4.3 117
GRZ Graz Airport Thalerhof 4.3 92
DSA Doncaster Airport Sheffield 4.3 84
PBI West Palm Beach Airport Palm Beach International Airport 4.3 46
SMF Sacramento Airport Sacramento Metropolitan 4.3 31
YOW Ottawa Airport Ottawa International 4.3 27
ZIH Ixtapa Zihuatanej Airport Ixtapa Zihuatanej Intl 4.3 15
GSP Greenville Airport Spartanburg 4.3 15
MMX Malmö Airport Sturup 4.3 14
PLO Port Lincoln Airport Port Lincoln 4.3 12
KYA Konya Airport Konya 4.3 12
HUX Huatulco Airport Huatulco 4.3 12
GRQ Groningen Airport Eelde 4.3 12
BHI Bahia Blanca Airport Comandante 4.3 12
CUL Culiacan Airport Fedl De Bachiguala 4.3 11
OPO Porto Airport Porto 4.2 6738
MUC Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss 4.2 2277
LUX Luxembourg Airport Findel 4.2 1605
HEL Helsinki Airport Helsinki Vantaa 4.2 596
NCL Newcastle Airport Newcastle International 4.2 477
SOU Southampton Airport Eastleigh 4.2 385
NUE Nuremberg Airport Nuremberg 4.2 331
TLL Tallinn Airport Ulemiste 4.2 269
BHD Belfast Airport Belfast City Apt 4.2 254
ADL Adelaide Airport Adelaide 4.2 249
PUF Pau Airport Pau 4.2 208
MVD Montevideo Airport Carrasco 4.2 128
RSW Fort Myers Airport Sw Florida 4.2 98
IND Indianapolis Airport Indianapolis International Airport 4.2 93
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Rating of Airport Services

Airport Services Best Airport Rating
Naples Airport 2.0
Dusseldorf Airport 3.0
Restaurants Carlsbad Airport 5.0
Shops Sioux Falls Airport 5.0
Paris Airport 1.0
Bus St. Petersburg Airport 5.0
Paris Airport 1.0
Naples Airport 2.0
Faro Airport 5.0
Car Hire Fresno Airport 5.0
Milan Airport 4.0
London Airport 5.0
Metro Nandi Airport 5.0
London Airport 5.0
London Airport 5.0
Toulouse Airport 3.0
Other Services Fresno Airport 5.0
Malta Airport 4.0
Naples Airport 5.0
Services and Facilities Mannheim Airport 5.0
Taxi Rodez Airport 5.0
Milan Airport 4.0
Rail Services Siem Reap Airport 5.0
Departure Lounges Greensboro Airport 5.0

Latest Airport Reviews

Pearson International Airport Airport (Toronto) , 07/08/2017

Glad there is wifi. That's important.

Dublin Airport (Dublin) , 04/08/2017

After having flown with Vueling and Monarch, we will never be flying with Ryanair again. Experience at Dublin airport was disorganized. Electronic/selfserve model to check-in is inefficient and filled with glitches.If customers were valued they would be at the centre of any process or system. The current Ryanair system does not do this but instead finds ways to tack on an extra charge wherever they can for noncompliance. We had just been married in Ireland and so had wedding dress and suit etc. To pack in out suitcases. We were headed on our honeymoon to Mallorca and Ryanair made it a very stressful travel experience. 1) We did not have boarding passes because we had been travelling, all we had was proof of payment. That was not enough to get some assistance. When we finally caught a ryanair staff members attention she practically scolded us for not having printed out boarding passes. We were staying in airbnbs, we did not have access to a printer! Suffice it to say she was quite rude (cannot recall her name) but after alot of fuss was kind enough to print our boarding passes but she did so with alot of resistance and reminded us that the next time we would be charged to print. Unacceptable. 2) We had purchased two bags to check-in at 20kgs each. Our bags were overweight due to the occassion we had just celebrated and it was our understanding that for each kilo overweight we were to pay 10 euro. This policy needs to change. We were left running around the airport to purchase a 3rd bag to ensure that both our suitcases were at an acceptable weight. 3) In-flight service was fine but due to all the additional costs a customer faces leading up to the flight, we were left frazzled by the time we got on the plane.If they don't go 'by the book' (e.g. 20kg weight). We faced no issues of this sort with monarch or vueling and were in the same position each time. Ryanair should strongly consider revamping the existing check-in model at airports and also giving staff at airports some sensitivity training. If a company is going to use a model such as this, which as I understand the purpose of which is to create efficiencies, the company better ensure they have the best and most qualified staff on the ground to help customers. We are from Canada and will ensure to spread the word about unacceptable experience. Thank you.Sophie

Sofia Intl Airport (Sofia) , 03/08/2017

need more frequent t1 to t2 shuttles - currently every 30mins

Charles De Gaulle Airport (Paris) , 22/07/2017

Some facilities were closed

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